Travel Adapters - The Crucial Gadget Most People Forget About

Traveling the globe is a lot of fun. Discovering new places, diving into new cultures, trying out new and exciting foods, everything about going on a vacation is wonderful.

Different Plug Types All Over The World

That is until you arrive at your destination and realize that you have no way of charging your phone, laptop or other devices. 

And it’s not because you forgot the charging cable, it’s because their power outlet is completely different than yours.

Yes folks, some countries around the globe have different plugs than the one you’re using in your country. And not taking this into account when you travel abroad may put a dent in your holiday fun.

Micro - World's Smallest Universal Travel Adapter


Forgetting Your Travel Adapter For The First Time

I know I made this mistake on my first trip to Scotland. I completely forgot that the UK has a different power outlet. 

So here I am halfway across the globe, my phone’s battery disappearing faster than fresh donuts hot from the oven and me with no means of charging it.

And if you’re thinking - “Didn’t you have an external battery?”

Micro - World's Smallest Universal Travel Adapter

Well, I did and guess what...I drained it on the flight listening to audiobooks and playing Candy Crush.

I know...not the best use of battery life, then again, I had little else to do on the plane.

Phones Are Vital For Everyday Life & Travels

Now I was paying the price for fighting boredom on the flight with the very bleak future of my phone dying on me.

And while I’m not one of those people that can’t function without a phone...everything about my trip was on that phone.

From the name of the hotel to the address to how I was supposed to get there (not always a big fan of taking the cab).

Micro - World's Smallest Universal Travel Adapter

Being At The Mercy Of The Hotel Clerk

My only option was to turn the save power feature on and hope that I could find an adapter at the hotel.

Fortunately Lady Luck didn’t leave me high and dry and I managed to get an adapter from the receptionist, who notified me that it’s their only one and that I was lucky I was the only guest that needed it.

Truth be told, not all hotels have travel adaptors on hand for foreign guests and even if they do, they probably have like 2 or 3 of them. So if you’re unlucky no. 4 you won’t get one.

Micro - World's Smallest Universal Travel Adapter

A Must Have On International Trips

You might be thinking: Well that’s easy enough. Just let me buy the first one that pops up on Google and I’m good to go.

It’s not as easy as that. You see, if you’re really passionate about traveling, you’ll probably visit a lot of foreign countries. And while there are about 4 major types of power outlets in the world, what are you going to do? Buy a travel adaptor for each and every one?

That would be a waste of money and will probably take up a little bit of room in one of your drawers.

Do You Want To Carry A Brick With You?

You might be thinking: Well I saw this adapter that’s universel, you just slide some stuff around and you have plugs for every socket known to men.

Yeah, universal travel adapters are a good idea, the only problem with regular ones is that...well...they’re bulky. Just look at this one:

Micro - World's Smallest Universal Travel Adapter

This will not only take up a good chunk of your luggage, it will also weight it down considerably. So if you are into traveling light, this could prove a problem.

So what’s the solution?

Micro - World's Smallest Universal Travel Adapter

As big as an AA battery and weight just 40 grams, Micro - World’s Smallest Universal Travel Adapter delivers unparalleled benefits.

Micro - World's Smallest Universal Travel Adapter

Simple Yet Versatile

With Micro, you get the functionality of a universal travel adapter built into a cool design that matches the awesomeness of the gadgets you travel with. An adapter that’s simple, yet versatile and that feels extremely familiar, as if you’ve already used it and loved it all your life.

Micro - World's Smallest Universal Travel Adapter

Works With All Major Plug Types

Thanks to this revolutionary design, the Micro universal travel adapter can be used in over 150 countries on all 7 continents.

Micro - World's Smallest Universal Travel Adapter

Small & Compact

Being so compact means not only it won’t take up too much of your precious luggage space, but you’ll also be able to take it with you while you’re sightseeing to have it with you just in case.

And this is especially useful if you’re traveling for business and want to work out of that little cozy cafe you discovered a couple of blocks from the hotel.

Micro - World's Smallest Universal Travel Adapter

Integrated Replaceable Fuse

A blown fuse is always better than a fried laptop, tablet or phone. That’s why Micro comes with an integrated fuse that protects your devices from sudden power surges.

Micro - World's Smallest Universal Travel Adapter

So, if you want to avoid being at the mercy of a hotel clerk or spending a lot of money on travel adapters that will take up a lot of space, you can get your own Micro universal travel adapter right here!


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