10 Reasons To Love Micro Universal Travel Adapter

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Travelling to a different country requires ticking off a big checklist and one of the most important items to add to the list is a travel adapter.

You see, different countries have different plug types. If you don’t have a travel adapter with that particular plug type, your experience will be the same as a power blackout. Damn, isn’t that scary? But fret not! I have the perfect choice for you - Micro Universal Travel Adapter

Here are 10 reasons why Micro Universal Travel Adapter is the best universal travel adapter for you 

1. Works in more than 150 countries

The Micro Universal Travel Adapter that plugs into all major plug types in the world. Making it compatible in more than 150 countries on all 7 continents. So when you are starting your world tour, all you need is this bad boy. 

2. So small it fits in your pocket

Micro Universal Travel Adapter is the world’s smallest universal travel adapter. How small? It will literally fit in your pocket. I think it’s time you break up with those bulky travel adapters that take up way too much space in your luggage. 

In hand comparison of the size of Micro Universal Travel Adapter

3. Weighs less than a golf ball

Yup. You heard that right. Micro Universal Travel Adapter weighs around 40 grams which is less than a golf ball. You’re already dragging so much weight in your luggage. This travel adapter will remove an extra burden on your luggage, unlike other travel adapters. 

4. Accepts all major plug types in the world

Micro Universal Travel Adapter also accepts all the major plug types worldwide making it one of the most compatible universal travel adapters around the world.

Using the integrated 3rd pin cover in Micro Universal Travel Adapter

5. Slide and lock mechanism for easy use

Using Micro Universal Travel Adapter is super easy because it comes with a slide and lock mechanism. Step 1: Simply slide open the required plug type. Step 2: Lock it and start using. Step 3: I’m kidding! There’s no step 3. 

Showing of the slide and lock mechanism of Micro Universal Travel Adapter

6. Modular & Compact Design

Micro Universal Travel Adapter sports many plug types in its design. So. naturally it will take up much space, right? Wrong! It has a modular design which fits all the plug extensions but still keeps its size very compact for portability.

7. Perfect For All Your Travel Essentials

Micro Universal Travel Adapter works great for the electronics you usually bring with you in your travels: phones, laptops, tablets, even shavers and trimmers.

Different electronics gadget that can be charged with Micro Universal Travel Adapter

8. Super Cool Design

Micro Universal Travel Adapter’s sleek design and colour make it look super cool and also easier to find in your luggage. If you’re travelling with friends and family, I’d advise you to get more than one adapter cause once you lend it, you’re not gonna get it back! 

9. Safely tucks away any 3rd pin

If you have any charging plug that has a third pin, Micro Universal Travel Adapter has a 3rd pin casing that will safely tuck it while charging. It also has a rubber flap that will prevent any dust from entering the sockets when you’re not using it. 

Full front picture of Micro Universal Travel Adapter

10. Integrated replaceable fuse

Micro Universal Travel Adapter also comes with a replaceable fuse that costs only $1 and is available all around the world. Just an extra bit of protection since any power surge will pass through the fuse first.