5 Amazing Places To Visit In Bali To Visit

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If you’re searching for your next adventure, Bali is one of the most enticing and affordable destinations to explore. That’s why it makes the perfect addition to your travel bucket list. Whether you are a seasoned traveller or trying to choose an exciting place for your first international travel, Bali is one of the best choices you could make.

So, to make your travelling plans easier, here are the top places to visit while you’re in Bali. This list is perfect for both adventurers looking for an off-beaten path to explore and travellers who want to experience the best of what Bali has to offer.

Each destination has several spots to visit. So, gear up for an itinerary and explore everything.


Seminyak is the tourism hub of Bali with a great beach, shopping destinations and super affordable villas. Visit this area to experience the luxury Bali offers to its tourists. 

Make sure to visit at least one of the legendary Bali gates that are spread all across the island for their magnificent architecture and Instagram worthy pictures. It’s a rather crowded and tourist-filled area, but that’s because it has literally everything you need, from luxury to basic accommodation, local to international foods and natural beaches to private clubs. 


Amazing places and beaches in Bali to visit


Ubud is the most popular town in Bali and it tends to attract a different kind of crowd compared to Seminyak. If you want to capture a piece of harmony between humans and animals, visit the Monkey Forest Sanctuary where grey long-tailed macaques live. Because it’s located in the centre of the island, you don’t have access to the beach, but the luxurious pools in the middle of the jungle will take your breath away.

Visit the local craft shops to get a decorative piece for your home. The coffee shops here are a great place to stop by and observe the beauty of Bali. The rice terraces in Ubud are best to visit during sunrise to avoid the crowd and for amazing photography. 



Kuta can be called as the party hub of Bali with great affordable food, drinks and shopping. You can enjoy the vibrant nightlife of the island here. It can get a bit crowded. But that’s just perfect to make great travelling friends! 

The Kuta beach waves are great for surfing, so there’s a lot of surf schools with booths right on the beach, eager to give you your first surf lesson.



The Uluwatu Temple is this area one of the most iconic places to visit in Bali. The cliffside Hindu temple and the scenery from the spot are breathtaking. The sunset here is a special view you’ll want to experience.

The clear ocean hitting the cliffs will make you fall in love but be careful trying to get that perfect Instagram picture. The beaches in this southern part of the island are not always suitable for swimming but are incredible for advanced and professional surfers.


Nusa Penida 

This place was once considered one of the hidden gems for tourists staying in Bali but it has since been very popular on social media for its amazing picturesque location. It’s a separate little island southeast of Bali, but there are many local guides and hotels that can arrange transport to Nusa Penida.

If you’re an adventure junkie looking to explore the wilderness, Nusa Penida is the perfect spot for you. You’ll be enchanted with the green lush environment and the clear ocean. Snorkelling with giant Manta Rays and trekking up to Kelingking to see the T-Rex shaped cliff is a must.


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We loved the time spent there and experienced a whole new life. We owe a huge part of LiteTravel Packing Cubes travel packing cubes’ success to this welcoming island and hope you find some of your best travel experiences in Bali as well. Check out the LiteTravel luggage cubes here