5 Essential Travel Accessories - Best Packing Organizers

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Everybody loves travelling. I mean… it’s the best, right? Going to new places, immersing yourself in new cultures, learning new languages, seeing breathtaking sceneries, making new friends. All of these are such wonderful experiences that you get to cherish your entire life. 

But the tough part comes before going on a trip. 

Deciding what to carry with you for your trip is difficult. Things that will make your travel experience easier and let you focus on the fun part of travelling. I don’t know about you, but I sure don’t want my travel time to get wasted handling unnecessary things, when I could be at the beach sipping on Pina Coladas or exploring that beautiful city I’m going to for the first time! 

So here’s a list of 5 essential travel items that will be useful on your next trip and also let you enjoy your travel without any needless fuss, in no particular order.

A High- Quality Expandable Backpack

One of the things that travellers absolutely hate is paying extra baggage fees. It’s really the worst and can ruin your trip with unwanted expenses. How about a bag that you can use daily and expands to give you more space when you travel?

The LiteTravel Expandable Backpack is the perfect luggage for travellers. It comes with 2 compartments and (true to its name) expands to one extra compartment when you want to carry more stuff with you. It has pockets for all your items so you don’t mix up and get your valuable items and devices damaged. 

Oh, and the backpack comes with a USB charging port that will charge your devices on the go. So, low battery becomes a thing of the past. Pretty cool, right?

The backpack comes with thick padded shoulder straps to relieve tension up to 25%. And if you ever feel tired wearing it around, it has a side handle strap that converts it into a handbag! What more do you need to ask for? Check it out here.

Cool man using LiteTravel Expandable Backpack

Double Compression Packing Cubes

If you are travelling for a long vacation or for business, travelling light and keeping things organised is essential. Packing and unpacking every time you reach a new destination is frustrating and eats away your time and money. But how do you get out of this annoying routine? There’s actually a very simple solution with LiteTravel Double Compression Packing Cubes That Hang.

With a double compression zipper system from YKK zippers, LiteTravel Packing Cubes save 66% off your luggage space. As a traveller, you know how big of a deal that is! 

You don’t even need to unpack your luggage. Like... ever. The hook and hang system lets you just hang your packing cubes anywhere and open them to access your stuff anytime. 

LiteTravel luggage packing cubes have specific storage for all your luggage. The Deluxe Set comes with 2 compression cubes for your clothes (1 large and 1 medium), 1 laundry bag, 1 shoe bag, 1 cube for your electronics and 1 for your toiletries. 

No more scruffy shoes or tangled spaghetti-like cables! With LiteTravel, instead of spending hours trying to unpack, you can now head to the hotel swimming pool or bar to have a relaxing time after those tiring flights. You deserve it. Check out the fantastic compression packing cubes here.

LiteTravel Double compression packing cubes deluxe set

A Compact Universal Travel Adapter 

Travelling to another country is exciting and full of challenges at the same time. It’s especially difficult when you find out that your devices’ charging cable plugs are different from the plug outlets there. Damn, that’s nerve-wracking, isn’t it? How will you power up your essential devices now? Well, don’t you worry cause good things come in small packages - The Micro Universal Travel Adapter

Micro Universal Travel Adapter is the world’s smallest universal travel adapter and it works in over 150 countries around the world. Unlike the other bulky adapters, its compact design lets you carry it in your pocket if you want. So Micro Travel Adapter helps you charge all your devices and gives you more luggage space. 

Micro Universal Travel Adapter accepts and plugs into all major plug types in the world and comes with an integrated replaceable fuse to save your devices from any power surges. This small travel buddy is all you need for your power needs on trips. Check the world's smallest travel adapter here.

Person holding Micro - World's smallest universal travel adapter


A Portable Holder for Your Toiletries

Have you ever reached your hotel room after an extremely long trip and found that the shampoo bottle you put in your luggage has leaked all over your suitcase? Now you’ve got wet and slimy clothes smelling of excess lavender. Doesn’t look so appealing as it sounds. Your trip just got ruined. Ta-da! 

Here’s a solution that is super effective and keeps you organised as well - LiteTravel Freshen Up 7-in-1 Portable Toiletry Kit.

The Freshen Up Kit is perfect for organising all your toiletries in one compact holder. The holder itself doubles as 2 cups. It saves you baggage space and has double leak-proof protection to avoid any unwanted accidents.

The luxury set comes with 2 cups, 2 50-ml liquid pump holders for your soap or face cream, a bamboo fibre absorbent face towel, one special spiral head tooth-brush and a foldable comb. 

The Freshen Up Kit is handy for a quick rinse even on a flight and is sturdy for all those butter fingers out there! Make sure to check out Freshen Up Kit here.

LiteTravel Freshen Up kit ready to go for travel

An Open Mind 

This is not an accessory, to be honest, but it’s one of the most essential key things to remember while travelling. Different countries have different cultures and traditions and you have to be open and accepting of that if you want to make the most of your travels. Being curious about the new culture you’re experiencing will also let you explore and discover many hidden gems of the country you’re visiting.  


The last thing you’d want is to leave for a trip completely unprepared. That’s why we made the complete checklist for our fellow travellers of all the essential things you’d be needing for your next trip. 

Make sure to have these accessories and forget about unnecessary troubles. You only live once. Explore anyplace you want, fully prepared.