5 Reasons for Using Micro Universal Travel Adapter

qubix2 travel cubes packing

Travelling is one of the most exciting things on the planet, am I right? But like everything, it comes with its own difficulties. One of the most challenging tasks during international travel is finding the right adapter for your electronic devices to fit in their plug types. 

If you’re on a business trip, it’s impossible to make do without it.

Trying to find a universal adapter that isn’t bulky and doesn’t take half the space in your backpack is hard. Much like catching the Golden Snitch in a Quidditch match for Harry Potter. And he’s a wizard! But don’t worry. It’s nothing serious that we can’t solve.

We’ve got the best way out of this trouble for you - the Micro Universal Travel Adapter

Here are 5 absolute reasons why Micro should be your travel companion on your next trip, whether you’re travelling to France, the United States, Australia or the UK!

World’s Smallest Universal Travel Adapter 

This one is a given. It’s the best thing about Micro Travel Adapter! But, let me just explain how small we’re talking. The Micro Universal Travel Adapter will fit in your shorts pocket. Along with your phone. 

Micro Travel Adapter is as small as my car keys and it’s super easy to take on trips. This compact size means it doesn’t take up space in your luggage. 

Some adapters are compact, but they’re a single socket adapter. Which means you can only use it in just one specific plug type and then you end up buying other adapters for each plug type in the countries you’re visiting. Some adapters are universal, but have you seen those?! They end up taking so much of your space, they kind of need their own bag. Ugh, who wants something as bulky and big in their luggage?!

The Micro compact travel adapter is that magical unicorn that has the best of both worlds. And it’s real! I mean, have you ever seen a universal travel adapter this small?!

size comparison of Micro Universal Travel Adapter with small daily items

Integrated Replaceable Fuse

A voltage surge happens when there’s a sudden change in the voltage and it can be deadly... to your electronic devices. It happens in one-thousandth of a second and it’s enough to take out your device like John Wick takes his enemies. Trust me, you don’t want that to happen in a foreign country. It will surely ruin your entire plan. I mean, it might not… if you’re ready to buy a new laptop or phone on the spot. 

That’s why Micro Travel Adapter comes with an Integrated Replaceable Fuse which will keep your electronic devices safe from voltage surges. If a power surge happens, it will fry the fuse instead of your valuable devices. 

This way, your electronic devices will be safe from accidental surges. The integrated fuse comes with a $1 price tag. It’s replaceable and you can find it anywhere in the world.

Micro Universal Travel Adapter's replaceable fuse saves valuable devices from surge charge

Compatible In Over 150 Countries Around The World

Micro Travel Adapter is a real rockstar it works in almost all countries in the world. It accepts all major plug types. This gives it a unique edge above all the other travel adapters, as Micro Travel Adapter is great if you’re travelling from the US to Japan, to the UK then Australia and to Germany.

Pitbull might call himself Mr Worldwide, but we know who that truly is! Micro also plugs into almost all major plug types.

Countries list where Micro Universal Travel adapter can be used

Modular Integrated Casing

With the adjustable Integrated Casing, Micro covers any 3rd pin that hangs loose. 

The modular nature keeps the design compact while not compromising on the functioning and the variety of plug type it offers. Just modify the Micro Travel Adapter according to the plug type and you’re good to go. And the cool part is if you look closely, it resembles a mini Optimus Prime.

Micro Universal Travel Adapter using the integrated 3rd pin casing to safely tuck away any 3rd pin

Looks Like Straight Out Of Paris Fashion Week!


For some of us fashionable people out there, the look of the product is as important as its function. Well, Micro Travel Adapter makes sure to not disappoint in that area as well. 

Its sleek and colourful design makes it stand out from the rest of the travel adapters that just look like bulky pieces of white plastic. How about going for one that breaks the rules and looks great doing it?

It’s easier to find Micro Travel adapter in your luggage due to its blazing bright colour. But, hey… we are not talking just about pretty looks. The Micro Universal Travel Adaptor is super light-weight, at only 40 grams. That’s around having 15 pennies in your pocket. No, we’re not kidding. 

Micro Universal Travel Adapter's different plug types to use around the world

Micro Travel Adapter is totally safe for your electronic devices and also certified by all the top standards all over the world. With so many features packed into this small package, we can’t think of a reason why you wouldn’t have this travel adapter tag along on your next trip. 

Check out the Micro Universal Travel Adapter before you plan your next international trip. After all, can’t let the phone run out of juice while taking a selfie in front of the Eiffel Tower!