How To Go From Complete Luggage Mess To A Ninja Packer

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Do you love going to new places? Is “Professional Wanderluster” one of your titles? Are you that wandering soul who loves to explore and is always ready for a new adventure? Then, your diagnosis is clear: you love travelling! 

To be fair, who doesn’t? We believe travelling is one of the most amazing ways to spend your time. Do you agree with this one? Good! 

We live in such an open, diverse and connected society nowadays because people refused to stay put in one place. We owe this world to explorers like Vasco Da Gama and Christopher Columbus. They found new exciting places to visit and I bet that’s what gets you excited too! 


But let’s be honest… when you think about travelling, you also think about everything you need to do pre-travelling. Like… packing. Oh boy. 

I’ll be honest, I hate packing and unpacking. I don’t just have that gene that makes you arrange everything in luggage like puzzle pieces. I can never make everything fit and my luggage ends up resembling more a trash bin than a suitcase.

Sure, I take pleasure in seeing and having everything organised and I get jealous of all the perfect pics trending out there on Instagram. But it always seemed a lost battle for me.


While most people get excited at the idea of travelling, the thought of packing my luggage just brings down the enthusiasm level in a matter of seconds. 

The frustrating thing about packing is trying to fit in all the essentials... that, of course, refuse to fit in your bags. Compartmentalizing the suitcase in a neat way is a nightmare. And then you have to go through the same excruciating process when you start unpacking your stuff. 

You know what I mean, right? When you just arrive at your hotel after a long exhausting trip, reach your room and can’t wait to enjoy a nice bath in the big bathtub, but then you remember you have to unpack all your stuff?

All your packing efforts went right down the drain because your luggage doesn’t look as you last left it at all! All your clothes are dishevelled and creased. Your chargers are tangled - how do they always manage to do that, seriously?! You can’t find your toothbrush and your expensive leather shoes are now scruffed. A few extra hundred dollars down the drain, yay.


Luckily, I discovered that there are definitely certain things that make packing and unpacking easier and dare I say it, fun

I’ve found some ways to simplify preparing for my trips so much, that I’m actually ready to go on a weekend adventure or even a longer vacation in a jiffy, without sounding like a tired old person complaining about all the luggage hassle.


There you have it. That’s my secret. When packing cubes became mainstream a few years ago, I tried a few different brands. Not necessarily because I wanted to test everything out there, but because my first sets were dirt cheap and poor quality, so they didn’t last. But organisation wise, I thought I was doing well enough.

Boy, was I wrong! When a friend introduced me to the LiteTravel compression packing cubes, I knew I was lying to myself. All the packing cubes I had were alright at organising, but they didn’t save me a drop of space.

LiteTravel compression packing cubes save up to 66% luggage space! It’s all due to the super-strong double compression YKK zipper. These cubes make all your clothes super compact and are perfect for checked-in suitcases, carry-ons and even backpacks.

Imagine the amount of stuff you’d be able to carry with that much space! You will never be under-packed for a trip ever again. 

I personally love the LiteTravel Packing Cubes Deluxe Set, which is perfect for any traveller. It includes a large and medium packing cube for clothes, a modular and all-around amazing toiletry cube, a super handy electronics cube, a laundry bag and a shoe bag. Each packing cube also comes with a folding board in its size, great for packing elegant dress shirts and keeping your cube flat and looking neat.


Possibly the best part about the LiteTravel travel packing cubes is that they come with a hook and hang system which also doubles as a handle. These straps save me a lot of time because I can just hang my cubes anywhere for easy access. You can have the toiletry bag hooked in the bathroom, your clothes cubes in the closet. Everything waiting for you in the right place! 

So that next time you need to find the electric shaver, you don’t have to go through the entire suitcase wasting your valuable time. You’ll never be late for that dinner reservation now!


Now, I’ve had my fair share of cheap quality packing cubes before finding LiteTravel. They either gave up after a few trips, tearing from every angle or ruined my entire luggage because my toiletries leaked everywhere! Yeah, I was one of those poor lads you felt sorry for in airports. 

But all that changed when I found the LiteTravel compression travel cubes. They’re made of RipStop fabric, the same material used for making parachutes, so I don’t need to tell you how durable and tear-resistant it is (FYI, very). 

I’m one of those travellers who backpacks a lot and my luggage has to go through quite some torture. So, finding packing cubes that are truly long-lasting was a big priority for me. When I used LiteTravel Packing Cubes for my trip to India, I was worried about how it would handle extreme conditions. But it held out really well! In addition to that, LiteTravel Packing Cubes are super light-weight so you won’t feel any extra weight dragging you down. 

LiteTravel Packing Cubes offer a variety of benefits and tons of space, making it a must-have product for all your future travels. So the next time you’re packing your bags for an exciting trip and if you’re someone who wants to simplify your travel duties, LiteTravel Packing Cubes as the solution you’re looking for. They were the best travel accessory investment I ever made and since then life has become so much easier! Make sure to check out the LiteTravel Double Compression Packing Cubes here.