Are Packing Cubes Really Worth it?

qubix2 travel cubes packing

The travelling industry has seen a tremendous boom in recent decades and with it, the travel accessories industry. It’s mind-blowing to see how they have simplified travel and made the life of travellers so easy. 

Just a few decades back, scaling Everest or visiting far off corners of the world was considered nearly impossible. But having the right tools for the job has practically made any adventure be within reach. 

But you don’t have to be an extreme adventure seeker to use nifty travel accessories.

Today, let’s talk about the latest sensation in travel accessories: luggage packing cubes. They’re popular, they look nice in your suitcase, but are they really worth your time and money?

What do packing cubes do for you?

In simple terms, packing cubes offer you two benefits that are lifesavers on trips: more luggage space and great organisation. If you’re a traveller, you already know how important these benefits are.

Imagine travelling to a new country for a vacation. You want to take everything you can carry with you like casual clothes to roam around comfortably, maybe something elegant for a fancy dinner, some warm clothes if the weather gets chilly, shoes, electronic devices, toiletries, don’t forget your camera to capture those unforgettable moments. Just like that, before you realise your 5-day trip luggage looks like you’re moving there for good.  

That’s where great packing cubes come in to save you and your trip. Using these to organise your luggage can help you save a lot of space. Now you can actually get souvenirs from your trips to bring home to your friends and family.

Depiction of LiteTravel Double compression packing cubes large and medium cubes holding capacity

A compression large packing cube can hold all your clothes for more than a week’s trip while a small packing cube or a medium one is perfect for short trips. Or just use both anytime you need to. No one’s stopping you!

You save a lot of time and money when you use the right kind of packing cubes because some packing cubes are so revolutionary, you don't even need to unpack your entire luggage every time you reach your destination. So the immediate relaxation in the pool after you reach your hotel is now possible!

Where & Why use packing cubes?

Umm, what do you mean “where”? Literally, on any trip you take! Yes. They’re that versatile. Packing cubes can be used in any travel scenario and they’re great for all occasions. 

Whether it’s a business or personal trip, your clothes still need organising and you could always use more space. Right? Packing cubes can also be a great way to keep your stuff safe because it will prevent a lot of accidents. How? Let me explain.

The baggage handlers at airports are not exactly very sweet with your luggage. They load and unload thousands of bags and suitcase on any given day. 

So, there’s a certain possibility that when you get your luggage back, your shampoo might have spilt all over stuff or your clothes are now super wrinkled. While some packing cubes are just for clothes, there are other types that help you organise toiletries, electronics and more. 

LiteTravel Toiletry and Electronics cube showing how much they can contain

Oh, and definitely avoid accidents with shampoo bottles.

How to use packing cubes on a trip?

Using packing cubes for your trips are really easy. There is one method you should really try if you want to use packing cubes in the most efficient way. But before getting into that, let me just mention that good packing cubes help you organise, but great packing cubes also help you save space. 

If you want to get the best packing cubes for you, you should probably look for cubes made of strong durable fabric, high-quality zippers and reinforced stitching. Water-resistant as well? That would be great!

So, let’s get into that great folding method I was telling you about. It’s the rolling method. You probably heard about this before. That’s because it works!

The rolling method is a super effective way to use all the space in your packing cubes and also take on more clothes with you on trips. This is perfect when you’re packing for any kind of trip - long or short. 

If your packing cubes help you save enough space, maybe you can even take a backpack with you instead of a bulky suitcase.

Clothes tightly packed in rolling method inside Litetravel double compression packing cubes

Rolling clothes allows you to fit in way more than you thought and it makes everything easy to compress. And that’s why not just packing cubes, but compression packing cubes are the real game-changer.

Best packing cubes on the market for you

Since now you know all the nitty-gritty details of packing cubes and how to use them, I have just the perfect packing cubes recommendation for you: the LiteTravel packing cubes

LiteTravel packing cubes come with double compression that will save you 66% off your luggage space. They even let you unpack your items without decompressing. You heard it right. No more unpacking. Wouldn’t this be the perfect travel accessory for your trips?

LiteTravel double compression packing cubes deluxe set with amazing quality

The Deluxe Set of these travel cubes comes with more than just cubes for your clothes. It’s got a designated toiletry cube with a tear-away pouch you can hang in the shower, a special electronics cube for all your electronic devices and cables, a shoe bag and even a laundry bag for dirty clothes. 

LiteTravel luggage cubes are water-resistant and made from strong ripstop parachute fabric. As the name suggests, yeah, the same material is used in making parachutes. Cool, right? So you can trust they will last you for years to come. 

Also, they are super lightweight so you can even slide in an extra shirt or two and not worry about extra baggage fees.

If you’re looking for the best packing cubes to simplify your travel and enjoy your trips without ever worrying about packing, check out LiteTravel Double Compression Packing Cubes here.