Do Clothes Get Wrinkled In Packing Cubes?

qubix2 travel cubes packing

Packing cubes are a great way to organise your luggage and even save some valuable space in your suitcase. They keep your items well organised in their place and make it easier for you to pack every time you’re leaving for a new destination. 

Which is precisely the job they should do, right? Otherwise, what’s the point?

But one of the most frequently asked questions about packing cubes is this: Do your clothes get wrinkled in packing cubes?

Everyone wants to look top-notch on their trips. Whether it is for the amazing pictures on the Great Wall of China or a classy business trip to New York, you always want to look your best.

But wearing wrinkled clothes is kind of a big bummer. It makes you look shabby and having little to no alternative during trips, it’s a big issue for travellers. Well, unless you want to pay someone to iron your clothes everywhere you go!

Woman browsing through her wardrobe thinking about what to packin her travel cubes

There is no “one particular answer” to this question, but to put it simply: if packed right, clothes don’t generally get wrinkled in packing cubes. That’s because they pack everything tightly in a snug fit. But of course, some fabrics and materials wrinkle the second you touch them.

So here are a few hacks that will let you pack efficiently and avoid wrinkling your clothes during travel. 

  1. Always choose the right sized packing cube for your clothes

    This totally depends on how many clothing items you’re taking with you for the trip. If you choose a packing cube that’s too big, your clothes will move around inside and wrinkle your clothes. If you choose a packing cube that’s too small, overstuffing will tend to create wrinkles.

    LiteTravel large and medium packing cubes with the amount of clothes they can pack inside them

    Therefore, it’s good to have a smaller sized cube and a larger one at hand, so you can adapt depending on how many clothes you want to pack. The aim is to make sure your clothes fit snugly, but if you’re sweating trying to zip it up, you’ve probably overstuffed it.

  2. Avoid packing clothes that wrinkle easily

    Some clothing items made of linen or silk don’t hold the neat folds very well, no matter how you pack them. They are more prone to wrinkles and can be difficult to handle during trips. 

    Try to avoid these types of clothes unless you really, really have to take them with you. If you do pack them for your trip, try folding them tightly inside plastic wrappers to avoid friction that allows wrinkles.

  3. Use folding boards to fold your clothes

    Folding boards are a great nifty thing that lets you fold your clothes easily. It also packs them flat so they don’t get wrinkled. This is great for more elegant dress shirts for example, that do better when folded neatly instead of rolled.

    Large folding boards used to fold clothes that come with LiteTravel double compression packing cubes

    Some great packing cubes come with their own folding boards. Makes your job a whole lot easier and saves you money too. What a great deal! 

  4. The rolling method

    This is a great way to avoid wrinkles as well as pack more items in less space. The bulk of your clothes should do just fine if rolled, with the exception of more demanding fabrics such as silk or elegant dress shirts.

    Woman packing her clothes in LiteTravel compression packing cubes for upcoming travel

    Rolling your clothes tightly and packing them in the travel cubes can help you avoid wrinkles. But you have to be careful while packing and make sure you leave no gaps or loose rolls that might ruin your efforts.

If you’re trying to find the perfect packing cubes for your trips, I’d recommend you take a look at LiteTravel Double Compression Packing cubes. Not only for clothes, but they also come with travel cubes for your toiletries, electronic devices and cables, dirty laundry and shoe bags. 

These double compression cubes powered by YKK zippers save up to 66% off your luggage space. They are lightweight yet super durable, because of the ripstop parachute fabric they’re made from. 

For more details and awesome benefits, check out the LiteTravel packing cubes here.