Do You Really Need A Travel Adapter On International Trips?

qubix2 travel cubes packing

There are many travel essential accessories to carry with you during your international travel. A backpack with a lot of space for short trips or packing cubes to organise your luggage is a must. 

They make your travelling process simpler and easy. So, you can focus on collecting beautiful memories from your trips instead of worrying about mundane things. After all, we travel to sometimes disconnect with the monotonous life and connect with our friends and family. 

Travel adapters also fall into the category of the most essential travel accessories. But are they really that important for your international travel? Or is it just a hoax by the big travel companies to add one unnecessary travel accessory to your list and make money out of it?

Different kinds of electronics devices charged by Micro universal travel adapter on an international trip

Why Are Travel Adapters Important?

Let me tell you something about power usage around the globe before answering that. 

Different countries have different plug types for electricity use. There are currently 15 different plug types widely used in many parts of the world. 

That is because most countries didn’t want to adopt the US’s old standard plug types that were wobbly, uninsulated and very unsafe. They came up with their own solution to connect different appliances to the main grid of power supply. This created the whole mess from the beginning.

Different kind of plug types used around the world

When you travel to a different country, the charger of your device might not fit in the power sockets there due to different plug types. A travel adapter lets you connect your appliances to the plug type.   

Would you be able to enjoy your travel right if you land in a foreign country without any power supply while your phone and laptop are dead? 

You might have all your plans and itinerary on the phone that is not available anymore. You have no access to your work emails now. Your boss and family would think sea pirates kidnapped you. 

To put it short - All your work in the modern era is done through technology and it surely needs a frequent power supply. 

So, yes. You do need a travel adapter if you’re planning a trip abroad. But buying a travel adapter at the airports can be very expensive (as everything else is at an airport) and you might not get a chance to buy one at your destination. 

Therefore, it is better to get one before leaving for your journey and be prepared. 

But how to choose the best travel adapter?

How To Choose The Best Travel Adapter?

There are a few things to consider before choosing your travel adapter.

Some travel adapters are single socket which allows them to stay compact. They are great because they don’t take much space but they only offer one single plug type. You end up buying a different adapter each time you plan a trip. That can become frustrating in no time. 

What happens when you plan a trip with multiple countries? It’s simple - you look like a travel adapter vendor.   

A universal travel adapter is a good alternative but those things are just so bulky in size and stick out like sore thumbs in your luggage. In some cases, they are so big, you have to carry them in a different bag.

Problem of using bulky travel adapters - it takes a lot of space

Therefore, you need to choose a universal travel adapter that can be used in many plug types and is also compact. So, it’s easier to carry in luggage.  

The best option in this situation is - The LiteTravel Micro Universal Travel Adapter

The LiteTravel travel adapter is the world’s smallest universal travel adapter that weighs less than a golf ball. That’s right. Such a tiny gadget to take care of all your power supply.

Micro universal travel adapter is compact and versatile in comparison to bulky and single socket adapters

It accepts and plugs into all major plug types in the world. It is compatible in more than 150 countries and all 7 continents. So, the LiteTravel adapter is all you need for your international trip anywhere you travel. 

The LiteTravel Micro Universal Travel Adapter also has a modular design that stores all the different plug types in a super easy slide and lock mechanism. It lets you change your plug types in seconds and start using. 

Micro - World's smallest universal travel adapters with all the compatible plug types

Even the bright blue colour of the travel adapter is a breeze to find in your luggage. No more going through the pandora box to find your adapter!

Get one of these beauties for yourself or your travelling loved ones. Check out The LiteTravel Micro Universal Travel Adapter here.