How to Pack Using Double Compression Packing Cubes

qubix2 travel cubes packing

Packing cubes are a huge lifesaver during travel and can save you from wasting a lot of time and money. They are built to help you organise your luggage and pack smart for your trip. 

Good packing cubes generally help you organise your clothes however you want. Extraordinary packing cubes do things beyond that. Like saving space in your luggage. Mind-blowing, right?  

Well… the LiteTravel packing cubes actually help you save up to 66% off your luggage space and make unpacking a thing of the past. But how’s that possible? 

These travel cubes are powered by double compression YKK zippers that go not once, but twice around the cubes, saving you a lot of space. And because the cubes are so well packed, you can access your clothes even without unpacking. No, I’m not kidding. The hook and hang system also makes it super easy to use them by hanging the cubes anywhere you want.

So easy to access clothes in LiteTravel Double Compression Packing Cubes without unpacking

Packing your items using luggage cubes can be a bit challenging when you don’t know the best ways that can help you save the most space. We’ve got you covered with all the tips and tricks for you to pack your luggage and save space efficiently with LiteTravel packing cubes.

How To Pack Using LiteTravel?

LiteTravel cubes come with designated cubes and bags for all the items you want to take with you. This makes your luggage super organised and also protects your stuff. 

While you are in the passenger area sipping juice and listening to your favourite music, your luggage is getting cramped up with thousands of other bags and suitcases. So, it’s great to know your stuff is packed with care. 

Here are the different cubes and bags that are part of your LiteTravel luggage packing cubes deluxe set and how to use them efficiently: 

  1. Large Medium Cubes For Your Clothes

    You’ll get 2 packing cubes for your clothes: 1 Large & 1 Medium cube. The large packing cube can hold large clothing items that include Shirts, Jeans, trousers, etc. 

    The medium cubes can hold medium and small clothing items such as t-shirts, shorts, dresses, etc.

    Amount of clothes that can fit in Litetravel large and medium compression packing cubes

    Packing your clothes in both the cubes are pretty much the same. Just roll your clothes in tight rolls and pack them one by one beside each other and close the YKK zippers twice to compress it as well. 

    When you need to access them, just open it without decompressing and you’re good to go! The clothes cubes even come with their own folding boards to help you fold your clothes and keep the cubes flat to occupy less space.

  2. Toiletry Cube

    The toiletry cube is specially designed to hold all your toiletries at one place. It contains 7 optimised pockets with 4 small mesh pockets, 1 toothbrush compartment, 1 big mesh pocket and 1 big pouch. 

    All toiletry items that can easily be packed in LiteTravel toiletry cube

    You can pack your toiletries in these pockets as you like. The toiletry cube is waterproof and comes with a tear-away pouch to directly use in the bathroom and is perfect for bigger toiletry bottles.

  3. Electronics Cube

    The electronics cube is for all your devices and cables. It has a padded outer shell to provide extra protection to your items.  It has 4 dedicated pockets to keep your tablet, power bank, hard drives, memory cards, flash drives and more.

    LiteTravel electronics cube can organise all devices and their cables

    Use the 18 elastic grid slots to neatly pack all your cables so they never tangle again. Tangles spaghetti looks great on your plate, not with your cables.

  4. Laundry Shoe Bag

    LiteTravel luggage packing cubes even have a laundry bag to keep your dirty clothes. It packs so small that you won’t even notice it until you need it. 

    LiteTravel laundry bags and shoe bags

    And of course, a shoe bag for your shoes to keep your luggage dirt-free. Your shoes won’t scruff anymore clashing with other items.

    So that was the complete guide to pack your items using LiteTravel packing cubes. Use these tips to optimise your packing process and take more items with you while saving 66% off your luggage space. 

    If you want to check out other travel accessories to simplify your travels, visit LiteTravel page here.