Top 5 Hiking Trails In The World You Must Hike Once In Your Life

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Hiking is one of the most rewarding travel experience often embarked by hardcore travellers. It won’t be wrong to say that they like living on the edge. Well, quite literally when you’re thousands of feet above sea witnessing breathtaking sceneries that only a few experience in their lifetime.

Hiking can be rigorous, but the excellent feeling it induces within when going through such vast and diverse landscapes is just unmatchable. If you have ever gone on a hiking trip, you know the rewarding adventure I’m talking about.

It is quite difficult to express with words the awe-struck joy one receives looking over the snow-capped mountains or never-ending brook flowing below that keeps on going till eternity.

That’s why for our LiteTravel community of travellers and adrenaline-seekers who want to taste the wild with hiking, here is the list for the best hiking trails around the world that you must take on Once in your life.

Man on Everest base camp hike with a lovely mountain backdrop

  1. Everest Base Camp Trail, Nepal

    Being the highest peak in the world, Mt. Everest is probably the most famous attraction for mountain lovers around the world. But trekking in extremely harsh conditions to the summit is not suitable for everyone. Only experienced mountaineers that too with a lot of permits and total fitness are allowed. 

    However, regular travellers can still soak in the experience of the world’s tallest peak and the magnificent scenic views. And how would you do that? Simple! By hiking to the Everest base camp trail. 

    The trail is roughly 130 km (80 mi) starting from Lukla to the foothills of the majestic Everest. The most convenient way to reach Lukla is to fly there. Due to the high altitude and rugged pathways, the trek takes roughly around 14 days.

    It is advised to go at your own pace and watch yourself for altitude sickness because there will be lower oxygen pressure at 17,598 feet above sea level. But the once-in-a-lifetime experience and amazing scenery throughout the journey are worth it.

    Hiker on the beautiful kalalau trail

  2. Kalalau Trail, Hawaii

    This tropical vacationland of the USA also has a hiking trail that lures tourists worldwide. Being filled with volcanoes, of which 5 of them are still active, the islands of this 50th state have some spectacular mountain trails to hike on.

    The most famous trail of them all is the Kalalau trail on the Kauai island, along the scenic Nā Pali coast. The trail runs along the coastline for 18 km (11 mi) and cites some of the most iconic views of pacific ocean, beaches and valleys.

    We recommend the average hiking duration of this hiking trail to be 3-5 days to soak in all the tremendous scenery and thrill it has to offer. Good things must be enjoyed slowly, isn’t it?

    But don’t let your guard down while visiting this trail. While it is branded as the most beautiful hiking trail of the US, it’s also the most dangerous one. So be fully prepared and careful while taking on this hike.

    Hiker taking a breathtaking picture of Machu picchu

  3. Inca Trail, Peru

    The true testament of the ancient Inca empire, the Inca trail is considered one of the oldest hiking trails that still follows the original route of the Incas around the Andes mountain range to reach the early abandoned civilisation of Macchu Picchu.

    From Lush cloud forests to alpine tundras, this trail goes through the vast Andean landscape and takes around four days and three nights to complete the 42 km (26mi) trail.

    You will enjoy the journey passing through the picturesque scenery, but the destination of this hike will just blow your mind when you reach Machu Picchu, one of the seven wonders of the modern world - the remains of a long lost empire.

    The historical value of this place and the amazing view of the valley would just mesmerise you beyond words.

    Hiker sitting and experiencing the serene lake in patagonia

  4. We Trek Through Torres Del Paine National Park, Patagonia

    Going through the southernmost region of South America, Patagonia has several hiking trails to its name. Still, the W trek through the Torres Del Paine National Park is arguably the most famous one.

    Cutting its way through pristine valleys, breath-taking views of glaciers and snow-capped mountains, this hiking trail resembles something out of the world. This 74 km (46 mi) trail takes around 4-5 days to cover.

    You will also see some faunas in your way such as Deers, Whales, Penguins, Condors as the trail goes through the famous national park. It also gets a bit crowded in the peak seasons of December - January.

    Be sure to bring warm clothes with you as it is one of the coldest regions in the world.

    Hiker grazing across the beautiful backdrop of mountains on Tour du mont blanc

  5. Tour Du Mont Blanc, France (Italy & Switzerland)

    Tour Du Mont Blanc is the most popular hiking trails in Europe that passes through three different countries, i.e. France, Switzerland and Italy. This trail is already in the bucket list of all seasoned hikers in the world.

    This hike is also the longest trail we feature in this post at around 170 km (105 mi) that takes 8-10 days to complete. You’ll experience all the different terrains of the world in this one hiking trail. 

    From lush forests, high mountain ranges of the alps, scenic valleys and snowy areas, everything is covered in this trail. And also, not many trails allow you to visit three countries at once!

    Many routes take you through this fantastic trail, and you should choose one that suits your level of experience in hiking.

    A group of excited and happy hikers on a trail

    If you plan on visiting any of these stunning hiking trails, make sure to be fully prepared for any challenge that comes.

    One essential tip for trips like these is - pack only the bare essentials as you’d be carrying your bags through the entire hike. Great compression packing cubes can help you take more items with you.

    Also, a nice toiletry kit would go a long way keeping you neat and clean when you can’t have the luxury of long, hot showers.