Top 6 Hidden Gem Travel Destinations With No Overcrowding

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Travelling is enlightenment for the soul. It sometimes lets you take a small break from your busy schedule or the real world. The experiences are unique to everyone and it also has a sense of being one of those very few people in the world to witness such world-class beauty, right?

Well… not so much when you take so much effort to plan the perfect getaway, arrive at the destination and find thousands of other tourists overcrowding the place. 

While France, The UK, Australia and Japan are great destinations for travel. Overcrowded tourism has been a serious issue and they sometimes even take away from the natural beauty that must be explored in solitude. 

Therefore, here’s a list of lesser-known destinations around the world that can seriously give the world-famous travel destinations a run for their money.

Beautiful cityscape with ancient castles in Georgia

  • Georgia

    Georgia is undoubtedly one of the hidden gems of Europe. With monasteries, cathedrals, caves, castles, serene countryside, mountain ranges and amazing food, Georgia has many things to offer to its tourists.

    Georgia is filled with great architecture and amazing people. One of the most famous ways to travel in this country is to hitchhike as the locals are very friendly. No wonder that the country’s capital Tbilisi has been rated the safest city for travel by Forbes. 

    Georgia has a vast and rich history and was also a part of the soviet union in the past. The traces of which can still be seen in cities like Chiatura. This country has something for all kinds of travellers and you will definitely love experiencing a slice of this amazing country. 

    Amazing castle in the middle of a lake in Slovenia

    • Slovenia

    Slovenia is kind of a distant cousin in Europe that nobody knows about. But when you spend time to know it better, it’s wonderful and you find out something new every time. 

    Located in the heart of Europe, it often gets overlooked by other famous travel attractions like France or Venice, but if you ditch the common path and come to explore this little country, it will simply blow your mind. 

    Slovenia is filled with snow cap mountains, great lakes, medieval castles and caves. It also has the world’s best wellness retreats with pools and ancient European therapy techniques like gong therapy. 

    Visit Slovenia to beat the crowd and also get an authentic experience of a European trip with so many lovely options to explore. 

    Boat docked on a pristine beach at Andaman Islands

      • The Andaman Islands, India

        The Andaman Islands have managed to stay away from the eyes of generic tourists for long and is one of the most secluded and unexplored places in India with great accommodation and hospitality.

        It is far away from mainland India and if you’re a beach lover, you’ll love the vibe here that makes you feel that you have an entire beach to yourself for exploration. Of course, moderate tourism is seen in the capital Port Blair but when you explore the offbeat path, the Andaman islands have much more to offer than that.

        You can have the experience of a lifetime by scuba diving here. The corals and other marine life underwater make it all the more enticing. You should rent some two-wheelers to fully explore the islands.

        There are several sunrise and sunset spots to soak in the beautiful sceneries of the islands and also historical places like the cellular jail to explore. 

        Gorgeous view from a hilltop monument at Naxos islands

          • Naxos Islands, Greece

          Greece needs no introduction in the travel world and it attracts more than 30 million visitors each year. Yup, it can get really crowded over there. So much so that one of the most popular locations, Santorini has people waiting hours in a queue to explore the place.

          If you want the full Greece experience without the pesky crowd, Naxos is just the place for you. From ancient relics to amazing byzantine, greek architecture and vibrant beaches for the party animals, Naxos is a full vacation on its own that slowly unfolds to you the more you spend time there.

          The authentic greek village visits throughout the island will give an insight into the culture and local life. There are hundreds of beaches that you can visit depending on your preferences. The ideal way would be to rent cars or bikes to explore the region.

          Indigenous Mongolian Tribal person with his horse and eagle

            • Mongolia

            The biggest empire in the past is now also the hotbed of many tourist attractions. If you are a huge history buff or a traveller that wants to experience and know more about the exotic nomadic culture and lifestyle, Mongolia is just the place to visit.

            The capital city of Ulaanbaatar is actually quite modern. However, one-third of the country’s population still practices the nomadic lifestyle and you can visit local families to soak in that unique experience. 

            There are many great travel locations to visit in Mongolia like national parks, old monasteries, the high grasslands, mountain ranges and one gigantic statue in the honour of the ruler, Genghis Khan

            Boat sailing on stunning clear water sea at Papua New Guinea

              • Papua New Guinea

              This little country in the southwestern pacific is called the land of secrets and mysteries and that should be enough to convince you about this amazing indigenous place. A lot of Papua New Guinea is still undiscovered and is away from the hustle-bustle of the busy world.

              It is the perfect destination to explore wildlife as well as get a closer look at the indigenous tribes that live here and their lifestyle and traditions. This country is filled with lovely festivals throughout the year. So, plan your trip accordingly to experience that as well.

              However, the best attractions in this country are to explore the unknown and vastly diverse wildlife. It boasts the 3rd largest rainforest in the world and the country is 70% forested. 

              Papua New Guinea is the perfect example of unexplored destinations and is far away from generic travel destinations. Also, interacting with local tribes can be great fun.

              Travelling can be the best way to get lost and be found at the same time. So, make sure to have all the necessary travel accessories like a universal travel adapter or a great set of packing cubes that help you make your travel easier and simpler.