The World's Smallest Universal Travel Adapter


✔️ Compatible in over 150 countries

✔️ Super quick and easy with slide and lock mechanism

✔️ Integrated fuse with surge protection

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universal travel power adapter

With Micro, you get the functionality of a universal travel adapter built into a cool design that matches the awesomeness of the gadgets you travel with. An adapter that’s simple, yet versatile and that feels extremely familiar, as if you’ve already used it and loved it all your life.

World's Smallest Travel Adapter

Compacting and combining all the functionality of a big, heavy, bulky universal travel adapter into a cool gadget that's smaller than a single socket travel adapter, Micro's versatility is second to none.

MICRO is perfect for all your travel essentials.

best universal travel adapter

Micro makes your travel experience easier. Much sleeker and a lot cooler-looking, Micro is hands-down the world’s smallest and the best designed travel adapter you'll ever own.

Whether you are a business person with a small travel bag or a backpacker looking to minimize your travel load, Micro helps you stay light and ticks all the essential boxes with its innovative design and complete functionality.

international plug adapter

How small is Micro? See for yourself!

international travel charger

The integrated casing covers any 3rd pin safely so you don’t have to worry about exposed plug pins ever again!

best international travel charger

best universal travel adapter

The top and bottom release levers have 2 positions: locked and unlocked.To release a set of pins, slide the lever to the left (unlocked position).

To lock a set of pins in place (either in open or stored position), slide the release levers to the right.

The four faces of MICRO are everything you need in almost every country in the world!

universal travel adapter plug

The Americas and over 54 other countries - When you visit the United States, use the top lever to release the US pins, then lock them into position.

Australia and over 29 other countries - If you find yourself Down Under, use the top lever to release the US pins and twist them into position to match the Aussie socket type.

Europe and over 125 other countries - If you're traveling across Europe, use the bottom lever to release the European pins, then lock them into position.

UK and over 47 other countries - The additional modular pin, seamlessly built into the Micro design, allows you to plug into UK-type sockets without having to use knives, pens or other dangerous options. Simply remove the modular pin from its location, slide it into the designated slot and press the side grip to lock it into position. Use the bottom lever to release the European pins, lock them into position, and you’re ready to plug your devices into UK-type sockets in seconds.

And when you're done, simply push to store and lock.

 Micro travel adapter

A power surge is a sudden spike in your home's or hotel's electrical current. The spike lasts less than a thousandth of a second, but it can be the end of your valuable devices.

With Micro, you no longer have to worry about a surge frying your devices. The built-in 6.3A fuse keeps your devices safe, wherever you might be....

Because a blown fuse is always better than a fried Laptop, Phone or Tablet.

 universal converter plug

best international travel adapter
  • Input voltage: 100V - 250V
  • Max power: 100V - 630W / 250V - 1575W
  • Replaceable fuse: T6.3A
  • Not grounded
  • Does not convert voltage.

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was $39.99

38% OFF - Today Only