We’re a small family of travellers who understand your need to stay light and very organised, no matter how far or for how long you travel. We’re passionate about coming up with solutions (hacks, if you will) that make our family and your family’s travels - and life - easier.

We believe that travelling is a cure-all that helps you enjoy the most out of life. We believe in travels that help you discover and build yourself into the hero you know you are, strengthen your relationships and help you connect more with your loved ones.

But it’s hard to enjoy all that when you worry about packing, luggage space, unpacking and making sure you got everything you need, right? We know.

That’s why our mission is to create solutions that make your travels stress-free, so you can focus on what really matters: experience unforgettable trips and living extraordinary moments.

Our small family business started on Kickstarter and Indiegogo, so we always honour our backers by going back to crowdfunding to launch our newest innovations.


Here on our LiteTravel store you can find our tried and tested crowdfunding products backed by thousands of families around the world and other amazing travel solutions that are available exclusively in our store!