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We started LiteTravel because, as fellow travelers, we understand your need to stay light and very organised, no matter how far or for how long you travel.

For years we’ve struggled with trying to fit all the things we want to take on a trip into luggages that never seemed to have enough space in them.

One quick solution to that issue would be to have a magic pouch like Hermione’s, then again, we don’t live in Harry Potter’s universe.

With our best idea down the drain thanks to the laws of physics restrictions, we went back to the drawing board in an effort to come up with a viable solution.

That’s how the Double Compression Packing Cubes came to be. A collection of unique packing cubes that try to mimic a little of that magic pouche’s power. We launched it on Kickstarter and it was a real big success, proving that we were on the right track.

Since then we had 3 Kickstarter campaigns fully funded in a matter of minutes, thanks to tens of thousands of the most passionate, travel-savvy customers we could ask for.

Their support has fired-up our passion for discovering new ways to create other “magical travel gear” that makes our family’s and your family’s travels - and life - easier.


It's our firm belief that products need to solve issues, not be the source of new headaches. So we made it our mission to bring you new and revolutionary travel solutions to ensure you don’t have to worry about this stuff ever again.

All of our ideas and designs come from real life situations that are universally shared by travelers just like yourself.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a globetrotter or simply commuting, our goal is to make sure that through our products we give you real-life solutions.

We know that it’s hard to enjoy your trips when you worry about packing, luggage space, unpacking and making sure you got everything you need.

You know how they say laughter is the best medicine? Well we say that the joy of exploring new places is just as powerful. Traveling allows you to experience wonderful sights, different foods and new cultures.

During your travels you don’t just discover new spots to enjoy yourself and recharge your batteries, but you’ll also get new insights about yourself.

Going on trips allows you to connect with new people and learn different things, all of which will help you grow as a person.

About Us - LiteTravel


Why waste precious time packing, unpacking or doing wrestling moves in an effort to close the bulging mess that is your luggage?

You should be enjoying your trip not wasting hours playing real-life Tetris with your stuff in an effort to fit everything in your bag.

That’s why our travel solutions are crafted to fulfill one specific goal: make your travels stress-free, so you can focus on what really matters: experience unforgettable trips and living extraordinary moments.

Our products enable you to travel as light as possible no matter how long or short your trip is.