Discover the magic of Qubix 2


Now you can finally say goodbye to the dreadful task and epic waste of time that is unpacking!

Thanks to Qubix2’s hook and hang system, you can unpack your entire suitcase in a matter of seconds.

Simply hook and hang your cubes on the rail, on a hanger, or anywhere you want!

Getting access to your clothes is an absolute breeze. Simply unzip your cube (even without de-compressing it) and… voilà!

Oh and did we mention? The hook and hang system doubles as a carrying handle.

So you can grab your cubes with ease, anytime and anywhere.

The double compression zipper is a revolution in packing efficiency. 

The centre compression zipper wraps twice around each cube, giving you the added flexibility of a 2 level compression.

Qubix2 features a new super lightweight RipStop parachute fabric that is woven using a special reinforcing technique, making it resistant to tearing and ripping.

And as the name suggests, skydivers trust it to keep them safe at 15,000 ft. So you know you can trust it on your travels!

In a nutshell, if you want super durable packing cubes, that’s exactly what you get with Qubix2

Whether you roll or fold, the folding board keeps your cubes flat and flush when zipped and compressed.

The Qubix2 Toiletry Cube is epic, and is one of our proudest upgrades!

It has a retractable hook you can use to hang it anywhere.

It comes with an optimised pocket configuration of different sizes for complete versatility.

So you can fit all your favourite grooming items. No seriously, I mean all of them, and then some!?

To make it even better, the Toiletry Cube is made with waterproof material. Aaaaand it comes with a tear-away pouch and a waterproof zipper.  

You can even hang it in the shower using its very own integrated hook and hang strap.

This is the newest addition to the Qubix family. It's optimized to hold and organise your electronics in an efficient and compact way.

It can comfortably fit all your cables, chargers, gadgets and accessories. The outside walls are lightly padded to offer extra protection for your valuables.

Keep all your tech accessories neatly organised and easily reachable in one place. And say goodbye to damaged gear and messy cables forever.

We wanted the laundry bag to be discreet yet super useful.

So we made it double the size compared to Qubix1.

And it folds so tiny, you won’t even know it’s there until you need it.

No one wants the dirt and grime from the pavement rubbing against their clothes!

Wondering just how magical Qubix 2 is? Here's a quick example of packing lists for your double compression cubes.


We wish you many happy travels ahead!