We’re a small but mighty team driven by one ambitious mission: to create amazing, super high quality travel solutions that are affordable and make our customers’ lives easier.

Our journey started on Kickstarter back in 2017. We chose crowdfunding because what better way to serve our community than to be directly accountable to the very people who believe in and support our projects: our customers!

We are obsessed with customer happiness (not in a creepy way, we promise!) and that has helped us achieve a few important milestones we’re very proud of.

If we could summarize LiteTravel in a timeline, here’s what it would look like:

2017 - we helped launch Micro - The World’s Smallest Universal Travel Adapter and raised the bar for universal travel adapters the world over.

2018 - our constant tendency to overpack drove us to the creation of Qubix - The Double Compression Packing Cubes that are built to last.

2019 - with the help of our backer community, we reimaged Qubix and created Qubix 2 - The Double Compression Packing Cubes That Hang. We like to call these the Chuck Norris of packing cubes because they pack a serious punch (what pun?) and make unpacking a thing of the past.

2020 - we launched SMOL - The 6in1 All Weather Reversible Jacket That Packs Small. It’s a no fuss, no BS yet very high quality jacket that’s versatile, super travel friendly and keeps you warm. Do you really need much more from an everyday jacket?!

We are working on even more innovative solutions and welcome your support in writing about LiteTravel so as many savvy travellers out there can make the most of our solutions.

3 years and 4 successful campaigns later, LiteTravel amassed an impressive portfolio:

  • Over 20,000 crowdfunding backers
  • Over 40,000 happy customers served around the world
  • Over 25,000 Micro units delivered globally
  • Over 80,000 Qubix packing cubes delivered on time
  • US$2,000,000 total funds raised
  • US$1,000,000 total sales through e-commerce and global distribution channels
  • And we are just getting started… 😊


The numbers are great, but it’s not what drives us. It’s just a way to keep score. A by-product that tells us we’re doing a great job for our traveling community.

Want more insight into Micro, Qubix and SMOL? Check them out below!

Qubix - Super Strong Double Compression Packing Cubes That Hang And Save 66% Luggage Space


No matter if you’re a globetrotter, or simply enjoy the occasional city break, space is a luxury when on the go. This makes having the ability to pack in a neat, organized and space efficient way a priority.

However, most modern-day traveling bags, suitcases and other accessories often fall short of hitting the mark, leaving already stressed and weary travelers frustrated. Qubix changes it all for the better, making traditional packing and unpacking a thing of the past.

These incredibly durable, double-compression packing cubes can be hung virtually anywhere, featuring lightweight, water-resistant fabric that can stand up to pretty much anything you throw at it.

Qubix uses an innovative cube design that allows for folded or rolled clothing to be optimally packed and then compressed, resulting in a saving of up to 66% of luggage space. The compressed cube is flat, thin and easy to accommodate no matter your mode of travel.

SMOL - The 6in1 All Weather Reversible Jacket That Packs Small


SMOL was conceptualized out of the need for a lightweight, warm, eco-friendly and cruelty free all weather jacket that’s affordable and simplifies your everyday life.

Most jackets nowadays are either very big and bulky (a hassle to carry around if you want to stay nimble while on the go) or they are very lightweight but don’t keep you warm when late autumn or winter come around.

One of the biggest issues we experienced when looking for a great all weather jacket is this new tendency to load jackets with useless gimmicks you’d never use and that cost an arm and a leg.

So we set off on a mission to create a jacket that’s brilliant at 3 things: keeps you warm, packs small so you can stay nimble while on the go and makes you look great!

Micro - The World’s Smallest Universal Travel Adapter


Compatible in over 150 countries, this space-saving adaptor is a game-changer for international travellers taking leisure or business trips around the world.

For the traveler who takes any trip overseas to nearly any country, Micro ensures you can easily connect to a power source and keep all your smartphones, laptops, tablets and other electronic gear charged while you’re at your destination.

Not only is Micro a one-adapter-fits-all travel buddy, it also means the days of carrying bulky, hard-to-pack travel adapters are gone. Micro is truly a game-changer for international travellers.

Small, sleek and compact, Micro represents the next stage in the evolution of travel adapters – providing a space-saving design that’s extremely travel-friendly.

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