How Do I Measure Myself?

Finding your perfect SMOL size will be a breeze. Just watch the video above or follow the instructions below.

Before you start measuring, you will need to get a jacket that fits you well and is the same length as SMOL. Lay it flat on the bed or table, zip it up and you’re all set to start.

A - Jacket Length: turn the jacket face down and measure from the top stitching line, where the hood or collar connects to the body of the jacket, in a straight line down to the very bottom.

B - Shoulder Width: turn the jacket face up and identify the highest points where each of the sleeves are connected to the body of the jacket. Measure across the jacket in a straight line, between those 2 points (left arm and right arm).

C - Chest Width: now find the lowest points where each of the sleeves are connected to the body of the jacket (the underarms). Measure 5cm / 2inches down from each of the underarms, then measure in a straight line across the jacket between those points. It’s important to measure edge to edge as your jacket is laying flat, not from stitching to stitching.

D - Sleeve Length: find again the highest point where the sleeve connects to the body of the jacket, like you did for the shoulder width. Measure in a straight line all the way down to the bottom of the sleeve.

That’s all!

Take your measurements and compare them with the sizing tables below:

Key Points To Take Into Account

Underlayers. It’s important to take into account your usual underlayers, the ones you plan to wear under your SMOL. Some people only wear a t-shirt underneath their jackets, while others regularly wear a thick sweater. This matters a lot, since the thickness of the fabric will impact how the jacket fits you.

Chest Width. When getting your C - Chest Width measurement, make sure that it has enough room to accommodate arm movements when the jacket is worn and zipped up.

Differences. If there is a difference between your measurements and our sizing chart, it would also help to take a quick look at the measuring tape and check how big/long the difference is. This way when you try on your jacket, you’re able to visualise and feel the difference. 1-2 cm or inches might make a difference or still be comfortable for you!

Sizing Charts

Guide to understand Smol jacket sizing

Frequently Asked Questions

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