How to measure yourself to find the perfect SMOL size

How Do I Measure Myself?

Finding your perfect SMOL size will be a breeze. Just watch the video above or follow the instructions below.

Before you start measuring, you will need to get a jacket that fits you well and is the same length as SMOL. Lay it flat on the bed or table, zip it up and you’re all set to start.

A - Jacket Length: turn the jacket face down and measure from the top stitching line, where the hood or collar connects to the body of the jacket, in a straight line down to the very bottom.

B - Shoulder Width: turn the jacket face up and identify the highest points where each of the sleeves are connected to the body of the jacket. Measure across the jacket in a straight line, between those 2 points (left arm and right arm).

C - Chest Width: now find the lowest points where each of the sleeves are connected to the body of the jacket (the underarms). Measure 5cm / 2inches down from each of the underarms, then measure in a straight line across the jacket between those points. It’s important to measure edge to edge as your jacket is laying flat, not from stitching to stitching.

D - Sleeve Length: find again the highest point where the sleeve connects to the body of the jacket, like you did for the shoulder width. Measure in a straight line all the way down to the bottom of the sleeve.

That’s all!

Take your measurements and compare them with the sizing tables below:

Key Points To Take Into Account

Underlayers. It’s important to take into account your usual underlayers, the ones you plan to wear under your SMOL. Some people only wear a t-shirt underneath their jackets, while others regularly wear a thick sweater. This matters a lot, since the thickness of the fabric will impact how the jacket fits you.

Chest Width. When getting your C - Chest Width measurement, make sure that it has enough room to accommodate arm movements when the jacket is worn and zipped up.

Differences. If there is a difference between your measurements and our sizing chart, it would also help to take a quick look at the measuring tape and check how big/long the difference is. This way when you try on your jacket, you’re able to visualise and feel the difference. 1-2 cm or inches might make a difference or still be comfortable for you!

Sizing Charts

Frequently Asked Questions

I am still having issues finding my SMOL size. What can I do?

What might also help is you put on the jacket/s you are using to measure yourself, along with your usual underlayers, then focus on how each measurement (A, B, C and D) feels. Does it feel loose or tight on you? This way, focusing on a single measurement at a time will help you gauge if you could go up or down the sizing chart and still feel comfortable.

Can I use any jacket to measure myself? If not, why?

It is very important that you only measure yourself using a similar winter jacket that fits well and you’re comfortable in, or else the measurements will not be accurate. The reason why it has to be a similar winter jacket is because other jackets have different styles and designs that will likely impact the accuracy of your measurements.

The best example of “don’t use this” is a fleece jacket. These are quite soft and stretchy by design and its stretch feature in particular might give you incorrect measurements.

Why not use a sizing chart based on body measurements?

We offer measurements based on garment sizes because it is easier to compare with your own jackets that offer you a comfortable fit. This way, you can easily put your current jacket on and have a feel on how your SMOL will fit you taking into account the measurements that you already have. It's like you’re already trying on your SMOL! ;)

I’m stuck in between sizes, help!

If you are stuck in between sizes, we suggest that you try on a couple more winter jackets. You’ll be surprised that slightly smaller or bigger measurements also fit you right because sizing is not standardised for clothes. Having more data points will help you understand better what feels more comfortable to you. Most of our backers are generally alright sizing up when in-between sizes, if the other measurements fit great as well.

I don’t have a winter jacket to use for my measurements.

To get your measurements as accurate as possible, you will have to use a similar winter jacket. If you have a padded jacket, that should also work. However, if you don’t have a similar winter jacket, you can try borrowing from a friend or a loved one. As long as the jacket fits well and you’re comfortable in it, you’re all set to start measuring.

What is the Hip/Bottom width measurement for SMOL?

The hip/bottom width measurement for SMOL is the same as your C - Chest Width measurement.

Do I need to get a bigger size for the Combo so the vest fits under the jacket?

You will select one size for both your SMOL Jacket and Vest. The SMOL vest is like an additional underlayer that you can use underneath your SMOL jacket to keep you warmer. However, it is very compressible so it resembles more a thinner layer and not a bulky sweater.

I can’t decide what my size is! Can I send you my measurements and you choose the SMOL size for me?

We are always happy to help our backers in any way we can. However, because there are many things to consider, you are the best person to take all the points above into account to find your perfect SMOL size. We’re always happy to pitch in our suggestions if you need one, but you’re the only one that knows exactly how they feel in the jacket they’re trying on!

Any last piece of advice?

We’ve kind of told you everything we know, but here’s another golden nugget. Our sizing chart is very similar to the Uniqlo brand. If you own one of their jackets or have tried them on, you can use that as a reference when choosing your SMOL size.

If you still have any questions about finding your perfect SMOL size,
please contact us at
Please make sure to provide your cm/inches measurements so we can better assist you.