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Why are Big Brands FURIOUS About This Innovative Universal Travel Adapter?

Written by Jennifer Reynolds
How hard it is to use different travel adapters for different plug types

More than 90% of international travellers carry 2 or more electronic devices with them for the trip. With so many different plug types in all different continents, this compact universal travel adapter has come to rescue travellers around the world.

Not carrying a travel adapter with you for your international travel is guaranteed to be a nightmare. Travellers worldwide face a very common, yet huge issue when they either forget or don’t have a travel adapter for their electronic devices in a foreign country.

A travel adapter can cost $40-$100 depending on variants and that’s a very expensive option in the time of helplessness.

Be it a single socket travel adapter or a universal one, even after spending so much money, it becomes a task to carry that bulky adapter with you.

You have to get a specific space in your luggage for it, any small damage can cost the life of it and it ends up becoming a one time use.

This costly affair has put a dent on the expense of the travellers and has left them annoyed.

Fortunately, there is a much better and affordable option for travellers now - Micro Universal Travel Adapter. You can keep your charging worries at bay and enjoy the trip you deserve.

Travel The World With The Smallest Universal Travel Adapter Ever

The COO of LiteTravel, Mark, explains why LiteTravel chose to be the exclusive reseller of its travel adapter - “It was my first trip to Russia and I had my universal travel adapter with me.

Or so I thought. But it was very bulky and I took it out of the bag thinking I'll find a better place for it later. Well... it never made it into my bag again.

I had a Skype meeting in less than half an hour with 5% battery left on my laptop and unfortunately, that meeting never happened.”

“I didn’t want to be in such a dire situation ever again - me or any other traveller. I wanted to find a solution that would allow anyone to have a universal travel adapter that worked worldwide and didn’t take too much space in the baggage.

That’s when I found out about the Micro Universal Travel Adapter and I thought it's a great product. Our team used it for more than 6 months, testing the quality and performance and found it to be amazing.

That’s why we added it to the LiteTravel family of awesome travel solutions.”

If you’re an international traveller who is tired of carrying around bulky travel adapters that take way too much space in your luggage, Micro Universal Travel Adapter is your perfect travel buddy.

Person holding Micro - World's smallest universal travel adapter

According to worldstandards.eu there are 15 types of plugs in the world and each country uses only a few different types of plugs for its outlets. That limits the range of electronic device you can use across countries.

“One huge mistake that people do while travelling to a different country is not researching the plug outlet type there and then buying adapters in airports at an unbelievable price”

What does that actually mean? You won’t be able to charge or use your electronic devices in the countries that don’t support your plug types.

In order to use them in foreign countries with different plug types, you MUST get a travel adapter supporting that plug outlet. So what can you do?

You need to have a universal travel adapter that can plug into all major plug types everywhere so your devices are always charged up to make your trip eventful.

No matter what country you visit, you never have to worry about running out of juice in your devices. That’s why Micro Universal Travel Adapter is available to the public at a 40% discount for a limited time only.

“I'll be honest with you, offering this big discount has definitely shaken some high-end travel accessories brands. They didn’t take it well that we provide a compact and affordable solution to travellers, when their products take up so much space and come with many small pieces you can easily lose.

When they found out about Micro Universal Travel Adapter, they told me not to run this huge discount. But my mission is to make international travel better for everyone. I won’t listen to the big brands' threats. That’s not who I am.”

Size comparison of Micro with other single socket and bulky travel adapters

Forget Carrying Big Bulky Adapters And Get Micro Universal Travel Adapter!

Micro Universal Travel Adapter is undoubtedly the smallest universal travel adapter that works in more than 150 countries and all the 7 continents.

Its compact size lets you fit this essential item anywhere in the luggage you want, without giving it special space and blocking your luggage, unlike other bulky adapters.

It accepts and plugs into all the major plug types around the world and it’s super easy to use it. Whether you are a business person with a small travel bag or a backpacker looking to minimize your travel load, Micro Universal Travel Adapter helps you stay light and also provides you with complete functionality.

The best part is it comes with an integrated replaceable surge protector that protects your precious electronic devices from power surges that makes sure you don’t face a huge loss of data or money.

As an exclusive short-time promotion, LiteTravel is making Micro Universal Travel Adapters available for a massive 40% off!

You can get your own Micro Universal Travel Adapter while stocks last, by visiting their website here.

Micro travel adapter in comparison with other daily use items
Start Travelling The World Without Charging Problems.


Now that you've known all about this innovative universal travel adapter, let me show you how easy it is to use it. All you need to do is to follow these 3 steps:

> Step 1: Order your Micro Universal Travel Adapter today to take advantage of the 40% OFF sale.

> Step 2: Upon receiving your travel adapter, watch our tutorials on how to use the modular adapter to plug into any major plug type in the world.

> Step 3: Carry the pocket-sized travel adapter to your next trip and have your devices charged wherever you are in the world.

Here's a tip: Know someone who travels frequently to international destinations and want them to forget about their frustrating charging problems?  Micro Universal Travel Adapter is the perfect gift and will save whoever receives them a lot of stress and money.

NOTE: Due to the extremely high demand for the Micro Universal Travel Adapter, we can only give away a limited amount at this 40% discount. To learn more about this special offer, click on the button below.