“I have been on several trips with my packing cubes and they're great! I am so rough on my bags, but they have held up perfectly.” Kelsey UK 

Double Compression Packing Cubes That Hang
Lite Travel Co

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Lite Travel CoSave up to 66% of luggage space with double compression zippers


Lite Travel CoUnpack your clothes in seconds with the world’s first hook & hang system


Lite Travel Co

Super strong & super lightweight RipStop parachute and double stitching

Lite Travel Co
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make unpacking a thing of the past


The frustration

Wasting hours packing and unpacking.


our Solution

Packing cubes that you can hang anywhere.


the Result

More time enjoying your holiday

Perfect for everyone & every trip

Double compression packing cubes save you from wasted time, frustration and struggle, so you can spend more time making the most out of your trip.

Double Compression Packing Cubes That Hang
Double Compression Packing Cubes That Hang

Unpack In Seconds With Hook And Hang

With our revolutionary hook and hang system, simply hook and hang your cubes on the rail, on a hanger, or anywhere you want, without needing to unpack.

Quick Easy Access To Your Clothes

Getting access to your clothes is an absolute breeze. Simply unzip your cube without decompressing it and that’s it.  

Double Compression Packing Cubes That Hang
Double Compression Packing Cubes That Hang

Save Up To 66% Luggage Space

The centre compression zipper wraps twice around each cube, giving you the added flexibility of a 2 level compression.

Lite Travel Co

Pack Clothes For A Week In A Single Packing Cube See The Packing Cubes In Action


Super Strong & Super Lightweight

The Double Compression Packing Cubes feature a super lightweight RipStop parachute fabric that is woven using a special reinforcing technique, making it resistant to tearing and ripping.

Double Compression Packing Cubes That Hang
Lite Travel Co
Lite Travel Co


7 optimised pockets

4 small mesh pockets, 1 toothbrush compartment, 1 big mesh pocket and 1 big pouch for all your toiletry items.

Waterproof material

Hang it directly in the shower for fast and easy access to your toiletries.

Tear away pouch

The extra tear-away pouch has a waterproof zipper and it’s perfect for bigger toiletry bottles.


4 pockets

Optimised compartments help you organise cables, adapters, memory cards, flash drives and more.

18 elastic grid slots

Neatly pack all kinds of cables so they never tangle again.

Padded outer shell

Extra protection for your valuable devices.

Lite Travel Co

Laundry Bag

Folds tiny and it’s super useful whenever you need it.

Lite Travel Co

Shoe bag

Helps keep your shoes tidy and your clothes clean.

Lite Travel Co
Lite Travel Co


Lite Travel CoLite Travel Co

LiteTravel PAcking cubes vs Others

Double Compression Packing Cubes That Hang

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Customer Reviews

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Yeah….received the packing cubes!

In 2019, I was a backer in the Indiegogo campaign for Qubix 2: Make Unpacking a Thing of the Past. I have been looking for a similar product and found your product!

I LOVE the packing cubes!! I use my original set every time I travel! Now I finally found more! Thanks!

Tommy K
Dramatic compression

The picture doesnt do justice for the product, the compression is pretty tangible and practically impactful. Definitely will get more.

Packing Cubes - Basic Set

I purchased the Basic Set which included the two sizes of packing cubes, a folding board for each cube, and they also included a number of coloured zipper pulls so you can have some fun customizing your cubes with different colours as you like. I have used these packing cubes so far for a 5 day trip and they definitely help with saving space in your bags. The hanging feature pairs well with heroclips when you're traveling or even traditional hangers. Though they don't feel as durable as other packing cubes at first, after actually using them I definitely consider these one of the most durable sets of packing cubes that I have used so far.

Mac Candee
AMAZING packing cubes, I was able to fit so much more stuff in there

I took these packing cubes with me for the first time on my road trip and they saved so much space in my suitcase! Additionally, they are super light weight which kept my overall luggage weight low. Highly recommended!!

I just love these!

Somebody recently recommended packing cubes and I just can't believe I've travelled without these babies for so long!! I'm constantly on the road and these packing cubes changed my life - call me dramatic if you wish, but it's true! Never packing without my packing cubes ever again!! Thank you LiteTravel!


Yay, I loooove these packing cubes. They helped me pack for 1 week using only my carry-on - for the first time ever. yeah, I tend to pack a lot. And the LiteTravel packing cubes are perfect for that. Thank you!

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