Safe’n’Cool™ Luxury AntiTheft Real Leather Backpack

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You’re frustrated with all the anti-theft backpack that only come in one style, sporty? And they’re made with cheap, canvas fabric. We believe in not making compromises, so Safe’n’Cool is the first anti-theft backpack that looks elegant and stylish.

It’s made from genuine real leather and you can feel its quality as soon as you touch it. It has a slightly aged and rugged look that makes it the perfect accessory for retro looks. Yet it’s elegant enough to wear with suits, at business meetings or anytime you feel like dressing up.

Safe’n’Cool has a special zipper at the back that keeps all your belongings safe. It has a big compartment that fits everything you need while the smart shape keeps your bag looking great all the time. You can choose between fixed shoulder straps for a cleaner look or adjustable shoulder straps for more convenience.



28cm x 8cm x 44 cm, 0.95kg


Secure your things with its heavy-duty zipper closure

Your phone will be well protected inside your bag because it has a designated pocket where you can keep your phone safe


Genuine Cow Leather with Polyester lining material


Carry your backpack without worry with its anti-theft feature. The opening of the bag is only accessed through the back where it’s safely hidden


Choose between the bag with the adjustable strap and one with fixed straps


Bring all the necessary items that you need for your travels as your backpack can accommodate all valuables like your wallet, iPad/tablet, book, and some emergency to go clothes

The backpack is just so beautiful. I love it! It looks really chic, high quality!

The backpack is just so beautiful. I love it! It looks really chic, high quality!