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Jacket + Vest Pack Small Togather

Keeps You Super Warm

Because jackets are made to keep you warm, that’s exactly what SMOL does. It’s filled with a very cool-sounding insulation called THERMOLITE® T-Down Ecomade insulation. The name’s not that important, what matters is that it keeps the cold out and the heat in, while making you feel like you’re laying on soft fluffy clouds. ☁️

So how warm does SMOL keep me? Whew, we're glad you asked!

The filling is eco friendly, made from recycled materials ♻️ that are 100% cruelty free and animal free. Because we believe there’s really no reason to harm animals for our own comfort. If you agree, SMOL is perfect for you. If you don’t, you’ll probably look for something else. That’s ok. We don’t judge (much).

Most jackets nowadays are made with goose or duck down and this comes at a much greater price than you're told.

Through extensive research we learnt that animal cruelty is still very present even in facilities that say they provide responsibly sourced down. We are very happy to say that SMOL is 100% animal free and cruelty free and will always remain that way!

More Than Just a Jacket


SMOL is reversible and comes in two colours that are impossible not to love: Black & Grey, Sage & Navy or Black & Navy. It adapts to your every need: you can change on the go and stay nimble wherever your next adventure takes you.


SMOL doesn’t do anything futuristic. But it is so versatile that you can choose to wear the vest, the hooded jacket or both (hint: that’s our favourite option). You can easily link them together, using the connecting zipper, and get a super warm winter jacket ☃️ in seconds. Autumn is our favourite season for the jacket, and the vest is great in spring or during chilly summer nights.


No matter how you choose to wear it, you can trust your SMOL is super packable and doesn’t weigh you down in your daily life or when you travel. It comes with a handy travel pouch that makes carrying it an absolute breeze.

Makes You Look Freaking Great

You can wear SMOL as a vest, as a jacket or as a thick winter jacket. On one side, or on the other side. That’s 6 styles in 1 you can adapt to any occasion or season. Cool, right?

6 Style In 1

Wear SMOL to go places and do useful stuff! Like meeting up with friends, visiting grandma, helping mum with grocery shopping, commuting, going on a trip to the mountains, sightseeing in a new city or keeping warm on a plane. As you can imagine, the list is endless!

Perfect For


When you speak, we listen! We’ve gone ahead and rethought completely how and where to position the logo, as well as its size. Check it out below!

The logo is now considerably smaller and will be positioned on the bottom seam of both the vest and jacket. It will be visible on both faces of SMOL, but in a much more discreet way.

Has Everything You Need

Making a winter jacket light and packable is no easy feat. Making it reversible as well is next level. But we made it our mission to deliver everything in one awesome jacket, just for you!

SMOL comes with the best quality zippers recommended for apparel. This means your SMOL will keep you warm for years to come

A winter jacket without a hood is what nightmares are made of. We wouldn’t do that to you - we like you! So your SMOL jacket comes with an adjustable hood. The super cute and discreet drawstrings come to the rescue to keep your smarts warm and give you a great fit.

You don’t have to remember to get a scarf every time you leave the house. SMOL has a high collar that keeps you super snug even on cold windy days.

SMOL is wind resistant, so you’ll feel comfy and warm even if you live in the Windy City. It also comes with adjustable drawstrings for a tight fit and tight cuffs to really keep the cold out.

The outer fabric is treated to be water resistant and keep out the rain and moisture. But at the same time, your SMOL remains breathable and comfortable.

Your SMOL is machine washable using a cold water cycle. It's so easy to care for, even a kid could take this on.

The Details

We spent years researching the ideal number of pockets for a jacket. And we finally discovered it: two pockets - one either side, positioned roughly where your hands go. For 90 percent of your daily activities, do you really need much more?

But because SMOL is reversible and comes with a connectable jacket and vest, you can actually end up with a total of 8 deep and roomy pockets, 6 of which can be hidden. So you might actually call SMOL an anti-theft jacket, if you really want to brag about it to your friends.

More Color Options

You'll have ample time to choose your favourite colour and ideal size when we send out the pledge management surveys.

Connect The Vest & Jacket In Seconds

This gives you maximum comfort and warmth while you're on the go getting shite done!

Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you, some overly rich person spent $120,000 on a banana duct-taped to a wall. Apparently it's "art", who knew ...

But if a $1 banana and 10 cents of duct tape cost that much, then investing in a SMOL makes perfect sense!

We will plant a new tree for every SMOL jacket pre-ordered on Indiegogo. We don't shout about it 'cause it's just the right thing to do. Simple!

Sizing Chart

Don’t sweat it too much. Take a peek at the tables below for our sizes. We’ll give you an easy-to-follow full breakdown on how to measure yourself to find the best SMOL size for you when it's time to fill in your pledge management survey. That’s when you’ll let us know what size and colours you want for each of the SMOL you pre-ordered.

If you really want to measure yourself now, you can have a look in our FAQ section.

You'll have ample time to choose your favourite colour and ideal size when we send out the pledge management surveys.