TravelBlues™ DIY Diamond Art Painting

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TravelBlues™ is a collection of travel inspired pictures, printed on a durable, premium canvas with a pre-applied special adhesive. It’s the perfect activity to help you bridge the gap between your trips. Seriously, it’s hard to see a better way for you to free your mind of daily worries and start planning your next travelling adventure!

If you’ve tried making diamond art before, you know it’s addictive and satisfying. If you’re new to this, it's a new, easy and relaxing hobby that helps you create beautiful artwork with colour-coded resin rhinestones. A chart makes it simple to understand what colour goes where. In no time, you’ll create your masterpiece. A great final touch is having it mounted to hang on your wall.

Helpful tips if you’re new to diamond art:

Round or square diamonds?

Round diamonds tend to be a bit bigger, so the painting takes less time to complete (less diamonds you have to place). Square diamonds tend to be smaller in size and more per painting. It will likely take you a bit longer to complete a painting with square diamonds, but it will also tend to be more detailed and clear at the end. Now it’s up to you to know what’s the best option for you.

What canvas size should I choose?

It’s all a matter of time versus reward. The smaller sized paintings take less time to complete (so you can hang them on your wall faster) and they’re most beautiful when viewed from a larger distance. The bigger sized paintings take a longer time to complete and look dazzling from both afar and up-close.



- Our diamonds come in 447 shades, so you can trust your artwork will truly come to life with many different color nuances.


-You’ll get a high quality, sturdy and durable canvas that’s water resistant and damp proof, so you can be sure your masterpiece will pass the test of time.


- We use selected environment-friendly resin materials for our diamonds.


- 1x premium canvas, carefully rolled and packaged

- Bags of colour-coded diamonds

- 1x magic diamond pen for extra comfort while working on your masterpiece

- 1x wax pad used to pick up diamonds with the pen applicator

- 1x diamond organising tray

- 1x sharp tweezers for repositioning diamonds

- Plastic bags for storing leftover diamonds


- You’ll receive clearly labelled bags with all the colors you need for your painting’s color pattern. We always make sure you have enough diamonds to complete your artwork.


- Your canvas has a pre-applied adhesive and we use special types of oil-based glues to make sure the diamonds stick firmly to the canvas.


- The diamonds’ top part is rigorously cut, so the light bounces off the multiple facets. Your completed painting will have a beautiful shine to it.

This looks so good I think I will frame it and hang in our guest bedroom. Thank you!

This looks so good I think I will frame it and hang in our guest bedroom. Thank you!


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